At just 2 test a day we are talking a minimum of  $94k  a year

Most of my modest family practicies do 4 to 5 a day

Let’s look at some EOB’s

So we know it is good medicine

We know it pays

We know it’s easy to implement. 

If you down load the questionnaires above and hand them out to all your patients for one week, we will know if it is good business for your practice

“I’m so busy, I don’t have time to add another procedure”

Good news. Your M.A.s can administer the test, read the result and teach the treatment plan to the patients. So this really requires no extra work on the physicians part. Just a few moment to review and reinforce the treatment plan with the patient.

Still too much work for you?

Call or email me And I will have 200 questionnaires mailed to you to hand out

Daniel Berry